WW2 US Airborne Forces

Welcome to a small part of the site dealing with the US Airborne troops of WW2.

However, if you looking for lots of pictures of Screaming Eagles, modified jump suits or lots of stuff about the 506 (E Company in particular!) then I am sorry to say you have come to the wrong place.

I will be quite honest here and say that I have no great interest in the US paras of WW2. However, I have really got fed up with everywhere I look seeing those blasted birds and more pockets on jump suits than a man will ever need. Don't get me wrong, the 101st and the 506PIR were top units but there were many other parachute roled units that deserve a mention, and that is the point of this section.

As much as I would like to I cannot cover every possible unit and uniform variation that existed, was worn or could be worn or may have been seen in a photo. The uniform studies will be representative of the unit at the period stated.