Individual Survival Kit

Shown resting on a 3rd Pattern Ripstop Jungle Jacket is the 2 part individual survival kit.

The 2 parts were the Operational and the Reserve.

Each kit was contained in a strong plastic box which was placed in a waterproof outer bag, all of this being placed in a green nylon outer pouch. The outer pouch was fastened with velcro. It also had a velcro adjustable belt loop allowing it to be worn in a variety of positions on a number of items of field gear e.g. belt, harness, STABO rig etc.

The containers had the contents and instructions for use stamped into them, the stampings being highlighted with orange.

Click here to see the contents listing for each kit.

Also seen in the picture are the SCU patch, a V40 and a shortened M79 grenade launcher - a favourite break contact/weapon of last resort for SOG.