Named SOG Jungle Jacket

This jacket belonged to SSGT Robert van Hall. SSGT Van Hall was an RT 1-0 running out of CCC and also spent some time on the Leghorn relay site. His was one of the 2 RTs that accompanied the first SLAM (Search - Locate - Annihilate - Monitor) mission.

I have 2 jackets from his estate. Named (and provenanced) SOG items are quite difficult to acquire (especially here in the UK) and I feel privileged to have these artefacts.

The jacket is a 3rd pattern jungle jacket. It would be worn around the SOG compound only. Standard or unbadged jackets would be worn away from "home".

The insignia worn are as follows;

Left sleeve - Special Forces Shoulder Insignia, Airborne Arc, Ranger Arc - all subdued pattern