WW2 British and Commonwealth Special Forces

One of the things that we British seem to do well is raise irregular units much to the chagrin of the "establishment" in Whitehall especially when they become successful.

WW2 allowed creative young officers to pursue and in some cases fulfil their ideas. Everyone knows of the Commandos, LRDG and the SAS. Not many people know of the Jedburgh Teams, the military missions, the Raiding Support Regiment or Force 136 though.

A lot of peple think purely of the LRDG and the SAS as desert warriors, though both units had very eventful campaigns in mainland Europe - the SAS in Italy, France, Holland and Germany and the LRDG in the Med and Balkans.

From the desert wastes, via "the soft underbelly of Europe" (unless you were there), through the capitals of Europe to the steaming jungles of the Far East, British Special Forces not only defeated a determined enemy but also an indifferent and intolerant establishment and laid the foundation for all modern Special Forces.

This section of my site is not intended to be a complete examination of the formation, actions and minutae of the units but purely a visual reference with some background info.

The French SAS units ( 3 SAS and 4 SAS ) are covered under the French Airborne Troops section.

As much as I would like to I cannot cover every possible unit and uniform variation that existed, was worn or could be worn or may have been seen in a photo. The uniform studies will be representative of the unit at the period stated.