Hatchet Force Platoon Leader

The Hatchet Forces where the rapid reaction troops that we on call to exploit the intelligence gained by the RTs. Each of CCS,CCC and CCN maintaned a company sized element comprised of Hatchet platoons. Where necessary the company could operate as a light infantry unit such as the roadblock operation on Highway 110 or as a raiding force such as Operation Tailwind carried out by B Company CCC.

The platoons were commanded by the US SF NCO's usually Staff Sargeants or above.

Our Platoon Leader is equipped for an exploitation mission such as SLAM I.

He wears a modified 3rd Pattern Jungle Jacket, 3rd Pattern Jungle Trousers and a boonie hat.

Footwear is the late pattern Jungle Boot.

His web equipment is based around the old Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) Belt. This was a useful piece of kit as it allowed the carriage of a large number of M16 magazines and other munitions. The yoke (suspenders)