Recon Team 1-0 CCC Laos 1969

The figure shown is representative of the clothing and equipment used by RT's.

Pictured prior to inserting into Laos this 1-0 is shown checking his rifle.

He wears the following -

Headgear - a CISO black boonie hat. Used to try and make any VC or NVA take a second glance and thus waste valuable seconds upon contact. These few precious seconds could make the difference between the RT breaking contact cleanly or engaging in a firefight. The Immediate Action (IA) drill executed upon contact would have been thoroughly rehearsed and practiced many times during mission preparation. Every second gained was vital.

Uniform -modified 3rd pattern jungle suit. Whilst the famous "tiger stripe" suit was used extensively many SOG RT men took to using heavily modified jungle jackets and trousers. The most common modifications are exhibited on this uniform. The lower pockets of the jacket have been removed and relocated to the upper arms. The reasoning for this modification is easy - when wearing the web equipment the lower pockets are obscured and access to any contents is pratically impossible. By placing the pockets (and their contents) on the upperarm they were easily accessible, even if lying prone. Another variation on this theme was to place the upper pockets on the sleeve and move the larger bottom pockets to the chest. The jacket and trousers (and in some instances the entire web equipment and rucksack) would be sprayed with black paint in a disruptive pattern in an effort to break up the "green blob" effect. When combined with camoflague face paint it was ideal for blending into the jungle shadows. All identifying labels would be removed.

Weapons - the main armament is an AKM. Many of SOG's AKs were the newer AKMs - they utilised more stampings and thus were lighter (a very desirable trait in a reconnaissance mans weapon). SOG required so many AK magazines that Ben Baker at CISO had thousands manufactured to satisfy the demand. As a backup weapon he carries a Browining Hi-Power (or GP35) 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Additional items include smoke grenades, HE grenades (including the Dutch V40 mini-grenade) and CS grenades.

Web Equipment - Due to the non-US nature of the 1-0's primary weapon there was no standard issue pouch for the large banana magazines. Thus he wears a ChiCom AK Chest rig, allowing him to carry a number of magazines and grenades. His belt is the standard M1956 pistol belt worn with the M1956 pattern H-Harness. Arranged around the belt are a number of M1956 canteen covers used to hold both 1-quart plastic canteens, survival items, grenades and more AK magazines. Worn on the H-Harness are 2 first aid/compass pouches, the ever popular aircrew survival knife and a snap link.

Rucksack - As with nearly all RT members at this time he wears the SOG issue rucksack. Made from waterpoofed grey-green heavyweight fabric, it was based on the NVA rucksack. It had a single main compartment with 3 external pockets. On the outside closest to the back of the wearer was a map pocket