Recon Team 1-0 Laos 1971

Pictured on patrol in Laos this 1-0 is typical of the late war SOG man.

His uniform comprises the following -

Headgear - is the ERDL boonie hat.

Uniform - is a modified ERDL ripstop jacket worn with ripstop ERDL trousers. At this time some reconnaissance men took to wearing 2 types of informational tapes on their uniforms. The first was a blood type tape worn above the right chest pocket. The second was an allergy tape worn above the left chest pocket - for example, soldiers allergic to penicillin would have a tape reading NO PEN. These tapes were necessary as the soldiers wore no dog tags or any other means of identification. Thus if the soldier was recovered unconscious the correct medical treatment could be administered. These tapes appear to only have been worn at CCN.

Gloves - are the light weight flame retardent flying gloves. Made of Nomex and leather they afforded protection to the hands without overly comprimising manual dexterity.

Web Equipment - is based around a STABO rig and a pistol belt. The belt supports a number of M1956 pattern water bottle covers used contain 20-round magazines for his rifle, grenades, survival items and water. The newly issued 30-round magazines are carried in his ChiCom AK chest rig as there was no issue pouch for them. Attached to the straps of the STABO harness are a SDU-5/E strobe light, aircrew survival knife, first aid/compass pouch and a XM28 gas mask.

Weapon - is the XM177E2, often wrongly called the CAR-15.

Rucksack - is the US issue Tropical Rucksack. Based on the SOG/Indig rucksack but slightly larger and constructed from nylon. It was issued with 4 waterproof ripstop nylon pocket liners. Attached to the rucksack are more water bottles and smoke grenades. See here for typical contents of a SOG reconaissance troopers rucksack.